Today is significant.

Tom Clancy has died. He has perished. He is no more. There will be no more stories. No more conspiracies. No more secret agents and wars and convoluted plots.

I’ll admit: I’ve never read a Clancy book. I’ve only seen two of the movie adaptations with Jack Ryan, both of which were the ones starring Harrison Ford.

However, as a young person, I know him best by his video games. Dear Lord, were they fun. Rainbow Six Vegas, you kicked my ass so many times that I wondered how anyone could have finished you, but I loved you for it. Endwar, you had a great gimmick and solid gameplay. Ghost Recon, um, I guess I really liked the aesthetics, having never played you, of course. Remind me to get on ol’ GRAW at some point.

But my favorite is good old Splinter Cell. Ah, the memories I have of me and Sam, doing 100% completion runs in Chaos Theory. Tagging targets and saving daughters in Conviction. Me and Sam, we’re like old buds.

Even if Clancy wasn’t involved all that much in the making of his video games, I just wanted to show my appreciation for the involvement he did have. These were some of my best gaming memories.

Rest in peace, Tom. We’ll miss you. I hope you’re still writing thrillers up in Heaven, because I can’t imagine you anywhere else.

But let’s not end on a sour note, eh? Here’s to Tom Clancy’s the Division, out sometime next year. Ubisoft, make Tom proud.

Cheers, ya’ll.